Saturday, November 10, 2007

Home, Sweet, Home, Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

We are back home everyone is safe and sound... Sam is all better...  Yah! I was missing my play pal! When he gets sick... he gets raging temp 104 degrees sick... If I get a fever of 101 its amazing... I have never had a temp of 104 that I know of!  Oh wait...except once... when I was 2 months old I got the Hong Kong flu and was in the hospital for a month! I almost died but I don't remember any of that!

Anyway!!! I wanted to show you all some pics but my camera battery died and the charger is locked up in the MX trailer! Dang it! Oh well...

Kieffer raced in his mains today and did ok... 20th to 23rd place in all of them... His said his arm was killing him and on the last main he just gave up and came off the track... It amazes me he can even race with that arm anyway!  He is asking to have his surgery bumped up to before Thanksgiving so he can heal before the next big race... Sigh....

I know some people will never understand allowing your kid to race MX but until you have been to the races and see what its all about its hard to explain...

Its about spending every weekend as a family. Its about being a team and everyone supporting each other.  Its about fun times and laughing. Its about meeting other families and looking forward to seeing them at the next BIG race...  I dont know how to explain it except to say its gets into your blood... if motocross racing was a disease... then you could say this family is infected!

Anyway... its good to be home!  Thanks for supporting me every day of my long trip!  You all were with me every step of the way, I couldn't wait to fight for time on the laptop to tell you stuff!!!  The boys kept saying "Hey Mom... its a blog moment"

Lisa Jo... I NEVER got to go to Cracker Barrel :(   Everyday, when we were heading back to the hotel we were filthy, dusty and dirty... by the time everyone showered, we ate the food for free at the Residence Inn dinner and went to bed!  I realized when we left today I never got to go... Whaaaaaaa sniff sniff

I even looked at the menu and it looked SO good too... gosh darn it... Guess Ill just have to come to Ohio and go with you all ;)  When you least expect me... expect me!

Oh and just so you all know... MR. Phil the Thrill was in the same town as me and never came to watch my boys race... tsk tsk Mr. Phil... 30 lashings with a wet noodle for you... All my girls woulda came huh Ellen, Lisa Jo, Mary, & Roxymama!!!! 


eml625 said...

Hell yea, I would've been there to see ya !!! You know it.
I wrote him a comment about how he upset you and what big trouble he's in !!! LOL
Welcome home !

xxroxymamaxx said...

Heck yeah!  I would have been there.  And move over boys cause I woulda had to ride one of the bikes too. lol  Glad ya'll are home and everybody is well.  Love ya, Shelly

queeniemart said...

OF COURSE i would have been there......i would give anything to see you and Sam and the boys and being in the same town, WOW, that would have happened!
Thanks alot for breaking my heart over screwing the CB crew over. don't love me! LOL    JK.
Glad Sam is better. Love you, lj