Friday, November 16, 2007

Movie Review, Blonde Math

Last night Sam and I went to the movies... We watched "The Bee Movie" its cute for kids but I have to say I thought it would be a lot funnier... 
I was however excited to be going to the Mary Pickford Theater because they have really good popcorn... I am obssessed with popcorn... I love movie popcorn...  I am also the one in the theater who loves to give reviews after the trailers... "Ohh that movie looks good, we'll have to see it!"  "Oh HELL No, I'm not seeing that!" etc... but I am not allowed to do it anymore, because Sam says I have a knack of saying it too loud when the trailer is over... 
Now after a trailer, Sam looks at me as if to say 'Dont you dare, say a word'...
I have a weird thing going on with ketchup too... A restaurant is good if they use Heinz ketchup... its more expensive... if they are cheaping out on the ketchup... what else are they cheaping out on? Right?
Anyway, I had a major blonde moment yesterday... I swear... what is wrong with me!
Sam, Kieffer and I are in the family room... somehow the subject of Thanksgiving came up...
I said "24 people are going to be up there"
Kieffer says "WHAT? are you kidding me? where are they all going to sleep?"
I said "Pam's family is bringing 2 motorhomes"
Kieffer said "Ok but who all is coming Mom?"
I said "Pam's family is 8, and then all of us"
Kieffer says "Who is all of us Mom?"
I said "Well, Dad,you, me, Kameron, Candice, Mike, Joe, Lance and maybe Kris but I dont know"
Kieffer says "Mom!   8+8=16 not 24, who is the other 8 people"
I said "Huh... uh...OMG... " and I started laughing
Sam says "and she's licensed to sell Real Estate, how scary is that"
I threw a pillow at him "Shut up"
WTH? Where did I come up with that number? What math was I using? What was I thinking? Was I drunk or something?
Wait... Wait... Grampa I forgot Grampa... that makes 17... I am not that far off of 24 now...

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nay0114 said...

It's okay I know you were counting me, my three kids and my grandson right, but now we're able to make it just tell them that. It'll get you closer. You were just thinking who eats double. I mean you have lots of boys and I'm sure they eat enough for two people each.
Hope you have a great day.
Take care, Chrissie