Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday morning Grits and Elvis Hhhhmnmm!

Good morning,

I just fed Sam and Kieffer grits with sausage for breakfast... How I became the expert grit maker in the family, I do not know... My Mom was from South Carolina but I don't remember her eating grits... boiled peanuts by the bushel, or shucking oysters from a boat yes... grits no... I use to make them for Grampa all the time when he would visit but now I make them 4 days a week for Sam... Weird... I don't even LIKE grits... Although Gram Pam said I would love Cracker Barrel yellow grits but I have never been there...

So anyway, we are sitting here having breakfast and I say to Kieffer
"So Dad and are thinking of going to Vegas with you kids for our 25th and getting married again... at the 'little white chapel' with an Elvis impersonator. What do you think?"
Kieffer groans "Ewwwww no"
Sam said "What do you mean, it would be fun"
"Oh I get the whole Vegas thing... just not the Elvis impersonator"
I said "Oh... so who do you think would be better?"
[I was thinking he would say Frank Sinatra impersonator or Marilyn Monroe impersonator]
Kieffer says "Oh I don't know... how about a stripper... Vegas - stripper that goes together]


Note to self: Don't let Kieffer plan my 25th anniversary


Jeanne said...

Awww come on, I know who's gonna do it....CAMERON!!!! Didn't he just DO a wedding??? He'a a PRO!!!

And you will have grits and sausage for the wedding reception luncheon....

(ROFL) I crack myself up.....


Julie said...

Funny, a male stripper I hope, that would make him change his mind, LOL. I can't stand grits either and have never heard of boiled peanuts.

lisa jo said...

i fixed my blog.
i think it would be awesome/cool to be married by Elvis in Vegas. Go for it and take lots of pics. Rick loves grits.

Pamela said...

Are you serious?? I can see Vegas....but ELVIS??? LMAO!!

I love grits! Can't stand boiled peanuts. UGH!

Hope the trainer came by.
Love ya!

Chrissie said...

Whoo Hoo a Vegas wedding. That would be fun.
Hugs, Chrissie

E-Lo said...

Awesome idea!! I love grits, I think I had it last at Cracker Barrel too. I have no clue how to make it but it reminds me of that movie, my cousin Vinnie.

Missie said...

That's just too funny!