Friday, December 19, 2008

Is there still snow in the yard DaD?

We are STILL snowed in... well sort of... Sam made it to the local market this morning but then got the car stuck in the snow down the street from the house when he came back!
Our neighbors were digging a car out of the snow too... so we talked to each other... [she is the one with the horses] She said the night of the storm, the horses started acting funny and they came out to see a mountain lion... we heard the mountain lion... Gigi was going crazy inside the house... I thought it was a coyote with a weird screech to its voice... anyway Sam said he'd get the shotgun loaded, just in case it somehow got in the yard... So I guess I am living in the wild wild west over here...

Sam called Kameron to bring up the 4 wheel drive truck and pick up chains on his way... Kameron said "Is there still snow in the yard Dad"

"Kameron the Excursion is stuck in the snow down the street! YES there is still snow in the yard!!!!"

I keep sending pictures and I guess the kids think we're joking that we are snowed in?


Jeanne said...

Is there any snow? LOL!! Sounds like the old "are we there yet??"

Shotguns? Wild animals? Geez, do you have running water? Electricity?

Now see, you are living my dream. You are SNOWED IN. That's what I be snowed flights leaving the east....

But all I can do is dream.....(lol)


Julie said...

We have about 15 to 16 on the ground also now and more to come. Promises to be the winters of my youth. We are still able to get out and about but its slow and you really have to watch the people not used to this much snow and not willing to slow down. Counting down the days until spring.

Pamela said...

WOW look at all that snow!! And you want me to come SEE YOU?? I'd be stuck in the snow, too! LOL!
Let me know when the roads are cleared, ok? LOL!
I'm gonna call you tomorrow, ok?

Chrissie said...

Geez you have my HEAVEN. I would be loving it there. You can keep the mountain lion though. I would love to be snowed in for a good week. I mean heck you obviously still have electric and internet what more could you ask for.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

Anonymous said...

It looks like that the animals are having fun, minue the wildcat, of course. I remember being snowed in, it meant no school. Here is it snows and melts away the same day.

LIZ said... really did get a lot of snow...I loved it....I wish it would do it