Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow pictures in So. California

It snowed for 5 straight hours! It was the coolest thing! You don't even know how excited and happy I was all day! I mean it really snowed HARD!
Three hours into the snow storm our satellite T. V. and Wi Fi went out... so Sam and I decided to make cocktails, strip off our clothes and get in the hot tub! That was fun... sitting in a steaming hot tub, watching it snow... Maybe you guys get to do it all the time but I NEVER get a snow day LOL

Afterwards we came in and took a nap... it had pretty much stopped snowing by then... and we still had no TV or Wi Fi... when we woke up Sam called Direct TV and asked if there was a problem with our signal... The man said we had to get the snow off the satellite dish... Now how would we know you had to do that? Jeepers do you have to that every time it snows?

Snow outside my window by the Christmas Tree

The snow by Sam's workshop

What happens to palm trees when it snows LOL

My car


E-High said...

wow !!! How awesome ... snow is a everyday thing here ... but I know from experience ... SNOW in Cali is awesome to see !!

Love ya...


Tracy said...

you want the snow but i hate it and could do with out it!!!! lol
dip in the hot tub sounds great though lol. have a good week. hugs

Chrissie said...

I love the snow on the palm trees to funny. So glad you guys got to enjoy it. Yes with satellite if the little receivers are covered with snow or ICE you have to go get it off. We had to do that all the time here in the winter then I got cable.
I bet the dogs were wondering WTH? is this crap. I hope they don't think we're going out in it. lol
Glad SOMEBODY got some snow.
Pouting in Kentucky, Chrissie

Anonymous said...

Ok, where are the pics of you in the hot tub anyway? LOL

lisa jo said...

you are like a kid in a candy store!LOL!

E-Lo said...

I'm laughing at Phils comment!!!
He's a trip.

Julie said...

I bet you had a blast. Snow is pretty but it hangs around way to long here in Iowa. And comes to often. I didn't know that about the satellite disc's either. Reason number 98 not to get TV, LOL

Missie said...

I've never seen snow on a palm tree before! LOL

Rose said...

the dog looks thrilled. mine usually rolls around in it.