Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Thanksgiving pics

My sister in law Tina and her dog boccie [or baby chubacca I'm not sure]

Below is Kameron

To the left is Collin and below is Gram Pam's oldest grandson Corey

Sam's sister Tina's family

Below is Kieffer and his favorite cousin Michelle... they have been best friends since they were in diapers

Below is Collin and his girlfriend

To the left is Jelly Bean [Aka JuJu Bee aka Shaniqua *see story below for explanation LOL]

And these are the Newlyweds again... and yes I was bugging them for a Grandchild... Here was the response "Sure Mom, here is the deal... you buy us a house and we will get right on the grandchild thing"
Ya dream on Candice...
Candice would say "Ya dream on about those grand kids then..."


Chrissie said...

Damn they want the same deal my sisters kids wanted... ONLY my sister gave in bought everyone houses and now she's making them come on with their part of the deal... she has four granddaughters so far. ;-)
Hugs, Chrissie

E-Lo said...

HAHA, I like Chrissies comment. That's funny.

Very nice pictuers honey-very nice.

Pamela said...

Oh come 'em a house! Then, we'll have a new baby to cuddle! LOL!

I would have loved to see the boys FLYING on their bikes! WOW!

lisa jo said...

cute sunny pics, as always. XO