Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend pics 2

Me getting a ride in Gram Pam's son's buggy!!

Sam and I being weirdo's

Sam and his sisters Lisa and Tina

Gram Pam and her kids Allen and Christy

Gram Pam and her honey Chuck plus 'little man'
Gram Pam's sister and her hubby plus Emma Jean I took a bunch of Christmas card photo's for them

The gang's all here... Oh uh actually we are missing 6 people LOL
The morning dog walkers

Gram Pam's daughter Christy and her hubby Troy

The morning after Thanksgiving my SIL Tina and her hubby Ciro made breakfast... Bocce supervised from a stool LOL

Thanksgiving night some of the cousins in the hot tub

The newlyweds Mike and my daughter Candice

Some of the pies, cakes and cookies Thanksgiving evening

More photos coming so check back often...
Hey you said you wanted photos


E-High said...

Awesome pictures ...any leftovers ???

Chrissie said...

Loved the buggy. I bet those will make great Christmas card photos. Loved the supervisor from the stool. Hey there's those babymakers now. We need an online pregnancy to follow tell them next Christmas will be here before you know it. A baby would look good under the tree. Lord that is a lot of desserts. Hot tub party. Look forward to more pics.
Hugs, Chrissie

E-Lo said...

I Am DYING at Emma's "E-High" -Shes
freakin funny.

Great pictures...hey that was the cute cousins cooking breakfast !
Cant wait for more.

lisa jo said...

great pics.....looks like you had a warm holiday and wow, lots of family!