Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poppa Woo from World War II and other stuff

I really wish I could post the weekend photos... Darn it! Soon...

We had so much fun... I think the volleyball games were the best part of the weekend!
Poppa Woo from World War II was a kick too! Last year he made a drawing of Grampa's WWII ship he was on... The USS Essex... then he sent it to Grampa... that was so nice of him! It is here, hanging on the wall now that Grampa is gone.
Just so you know how Poppa Woo fits in the family... Try following this...
Poppa Woo is Gram Pam's daughters husband's grandfather... Did you follow that? He is in his 80's and going strong... [must be the shot of Bailey's in his coffee in the morning LOL] or its the sit up's and stretches he does before his coffee!
Anyway, one night we were drinking [Ok we were drinking every night but that is not the point of my story] and somehow the subject of sex came up [big shocker huh!] I think the point of the sex stuff was the hubby's bitching how they NEVER get any sex and someone asked Poppa Woo if its still possible to have sex in your 80's! So Poppa Woo says
"Oh.... sure it is... as long as you have those little blue pills" we all laughed so loud!!!
I just love Poppa Woo, he is so mellow and you can talk to him about anything!
Wait till you see a picture of him, your gonna love him too! He told me as long as he is standing he will be back next year!

I am so happy EVERYONE had a great time! Collin brought his girlfriend and she said "Oh. My. God. your family is so chill, there is NO WAY my family would be this much fun if they all got together!" that was kind of nice to hear!
This was a very special Thanksgiving! Sam's sister's have not been up here since 1995! The kids were so little back then! I played old family video's of back in the day... [which was a Wednesday by the way... that was a joke I hope you got it! Every time someone says "Back in the day" Kieffer always says "Which was a Wednesday!" Anyway, the video was hilarious and oh so embarrassing for the kids... Oh well... it was worth it... we all laughed so hard... I HAVE to learn how to post videos on my blog.... LOL
We also had quite a few dogs here! We had Gram Pam's Chihuahua 'little man', her son's husky wolf mix 'Cali' [she has one blue eye and one brown eye], Gram Pam's daughters dog 'Jelly Bean' or as Sam liked to call her
"Ju Ju Bee' I can't tell you what breed she is but to me she acts like an old Jamaican woman who has smoked to much pot, lives for eating food and moves really slowly... I called her Shaniqua... LOL Don't worry I have a photo of her! Gram Pam's sister Mary Ann brought their Dalmatian Emma Jean... She was so happy to be here and loved running around... Mary Ann called me today and said Emma slept for 2 days after they got home LOL
Sam's sister also brought their dog named Bocce...
Everyday after breakfast we would take the dogs for a walk and go feed carrots to the horse's down the road...
My dog aggressive dogs were at the kennel... There is NO WAY they would have been ok with other dogs being here... The funny thing was when I went to pick up my dogs from the boarder taking care of them [A registered AKC breeding kennel] Guess where my whiner-riners were? Still in their kennel area? Uhhhh no... they got to stay in the house LOL She said they were not happy unless they were with a human! Uhhh ya, that would be my whiner-riners LOL


E-Lo said...

I Want MORE pictures !!
Did Nurse Pam ever make it up there?
I'm glad you had a great time and that everyone enjoyed themselves. Love the Blue Pill story. Cute.
I'm home sick today, I was going to call you.

Jeanne said...

I'm with Ellen...MORE PICTURES!!!! What a great, great party you had....I'm sure alot of memories were made! How awesome it is that everyone has you and Sam to open up your home the way you did! AND ALL THOSE ANIMALS! God bless are a saint!! (lol)


PS...Just out of curiousity, how many bedrooms do you have and where did you PUT all these people??

lisa jo said...

sounds like you had another awesome day with your family and Poppa Woo. He sounds like a real hoot.

Pamela said...

Had to laugh at Poppa Woo's comments. He sounds great!
Poor babies at the kennel. I'm glad they allowed them into the house so they'd be more comfortable.
Love ya and MISS YOU!

Pamela said...
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