Monday, December 8, 2008

Bah Humbug hangover on Sunday LOL

Ok... so Sam and I are here at the Hi D with our pack of 3 dogs... which are getting along great however I did try to get a hold of the aggressive dog trainer because I am not stupid enough to think it won't happen again! We are hoping he will call and come by Monday...
I talked to my daughter the other day for over an hour "Mom! Is Dad upset with me? no one told me the bar HAD to be moved by Friday"
"No he is not upset with you, he just doesn't understand why you wanted that huge thing" she sighs "because Grampa made it and I didn't want to see it get thrown away!" [She is right... it came damn close to getting thrown away] Only because we have a bigger, nicer bar of Grampa's in storage... When he was the pilot for the U.S. Ambassador to India for 4 years he had 'man servants' and they made him this really cool Teak Bar...
[what was up with Grampa and bars for crying out loud?]
Ok... I am one to talk... I have a wicked hangover today... Let's just say Captain Morgan kicked my ass last night... I am not hanging out with pirates anymore! I am sticking with my Amaretto and Orange Juice from now on! What the hell was I thinking? I wasn't thinking, I just wanted a couple of cocktails with my hubby by the fire last night... Ok it was more like 4 cocktails but who's counting! I was out of Orange Juice and someone brought Captain Morgan up here for Thanksgiving...
I guess I was just going through my Christmas Bah Humbug mood...
I don't know if its because I don't have any small kids at home to make Christmas magical or what but for the past few years I have dreaded Christmas... I am so tired of the 'Christmas is about presents thing'... I was telling my daughter this the other day... She was saying funds are kind of tight this year for them... and I told her "Candice I wish all you kids would go out in the world and do something for others... like feeding the homeless or donating blankets to a shelter or helping a senior citizen... then come on Christmas for dinner and tell me the stories... I would LOVE that kind of present for Christmas! I really would... its better than some present you give me that I can't remember the next year yanno?"

Every year Sam and I have this same conversation... Sam says "Honey what do you want for Christmas" and I always say "Oh... Ummm I don't know, I don't NEED anything... let me think about it" and he says "Ok"
This year I changed things up on him though... We were laying in bed the other night watching T.V. and he says "Honey, what do you want for Christmas this year?" and I said "Oh... ummm... I have a list" he cracked up "Oh, you have a list this year huh?" "Ya..." "Oh really, what is the first thing on that list?" "I want you to wash my hair and blow dry it one night" he laughed then groaned "Awww, can't I just buy you something" "Nope... wanna know the next item on the list?"
"No not really but what is it?" "A nice foot massage" Sam groaned "Well you got me there... I thought you were going to make me pay mega bucks for your list for Christmas" I smiled "Oh Honey... I would NEVER do that for Christmas... that comes in Feb for our 25th anniversary..."


Chrissie said...

You're like me. Everyone keeps asking me the same thing I don't want anything or really need anything. I just want my family together for Christmas not a lot to ask for. Kids don't get that at their age.
I'm laughing at you not hanging with pirates anymore. I can't drink other stuff anymore I have to stick to tequila.
Loved your list. People don't realize the nice things count way more than the stuff you buy.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

E-High said...

Ahhh ..Christmas ... yes ... Kaelah will be getting some stuff and Connor ... just a few little things ...Alex and I aren't buying presents for each other ... we just don't see the point of buying stuff we don't really need or want !!

hangovers are fun .... try them with a screaming baby !!


Julie said...

That sounds great, foot massages, hummmm, think I will make up a coupon book and dole it out. One back rub, one cup of mocha, and I love it when he washes my hair. Hope you feel better soon.

Pamela said...

That's right...have him save his money for Feb!!
I can't believe you're hung over?? LMAO!!

Jeanne said...

Oh girlfriend, I SOOOOOO get you!! I don't want or need anything for Christmas either..I just want my family hanging out together. I did tell my kids once, "if you ever want to get me a really good gift, spoil me! Ask to help me with stuff, ask to run errands for me, cook me a meal, make me a cup of tea....that kind of stuff is the BEST!

I'm still waiting....(lol)

So Kendra's been hitting th bottle, huh? Better ask for some Ammaretto and OJ for Christmas so you can stay away from that hard stuff! (lol) My latest drink of choice? Peach schnapps and cranberry juice. My girlfriends and I call them "fuzzy pussys" LONG story...I'll tell it over drinks one day!! (lol)


E-Lo said...

Wow I havent had a hangover in years. Ouch.

I agree. I'd rather have some nice things done than gifts.
Hope you feel better soon.

Missie said...

I haven't had a hangover in years. LOL

Never had Captain Morgan either, but heard it's really good.

Have a good week!

Tracy said...

i havent been hungover in a while and dont want to be either lol. i hope you have a great week. hugs

lisa jo said...

you and Sam are cute, cute. I have a feeling the man is going to do lots of manual labor on YOU for the holidays. LOL