Saturday, July 5, 2008


Hope everyone still has fingers and had a good time yesterday ;) 
I told you about our leaky air conditioner yesterday... We woke up to the ceiling dripping water in my bedroom!
Drip, Drip, Drip, I thought it was in the bathroom faucet, so I got out of bed to turn it off and found out it was the ceiling! We thought it was a leaky pipe in the attic, but after Sam got up in the attic, he realized it was the overflow condensation pan. After two trips to Home Depot, and many trips up to the dirty attic... he fabricated a new condensation pan and it was fixed after 3 hours!!! Poor guy!  I am so lucky he fixes stuff around here! How in the world would we have been able to get an HVAC fix it man to our house on 4th of July? It wouldn't have happened... They would have told us, they could get here in 2 weeks... [I live in a HOT place and people want their air conditioning NOW!]
Speaking of hot... We had some weird weather yesterday! It was a Cloudy 105 with 30% humidity... and we HATED it... Eeeewwwwyyyyy... I would rather have had 115 with 7% humidity! I swear I do not know how you guys do it? Your crazy... 80 with 80% humidity would make me miserable! Seriously! The air felt so thick to us... yuck!
Anyway, we had a nice day after the air conditioning thing!  I went to the store while Sam was in the attic... then after I came home and unloaded the
groceries... then Sam and I took a nap... I love naps in the afternoon!!!
Then we got up and started getting dinner going, after that we jumped in the pool... As we are in the pool... Joe [Kieff's friend] and his DAD come walking out to the backyard... We weren't expecting that! However I knew someone would show up unexpectedly and bought extra fix in's!
So we had a bar b que with Kameron, Kieffer, Kieff's friends Kevin, Joe, Kieffer's NOT girlfriend Aggie, Kamerons g/f Amber, Joe's Mom and Dad...
I love Joe's Mom and Dad... They helped me so much when I ran the high school football program... His Mom did anything I asked... snack bar, t-shirt sales, serving pre game meal... she was great!
Poor Joe had two sets of parents teasing him yesterday [Sam and I plus his parents]
Today we woke up and headed to Glen Helen for practice... the boys did really well... they stayed at the track tonight... with Kevin and Joe [my wayward children LOL] After practice they went to Joe's grandparents house to swim [they have a HUGE pool with a diving board] Kameron told us the first thing the Grandparents asked
"Any piercings?" The boys said "Nope" "Any tattoo's?" The boys said "Nope" and the Grandparents said "Ok then... you can go swimming" I was so happy to hear that... as I am so anti-tattoo... not on other people just on my kids... They are everywhere here... I tell them all the time "Be different and NOT get one" they tease me "Yup, I'm getting one Mom... I'm getting Silva across my back" I tease back "If you do... your cut out of the will"
Kieffer's friend 'Sir Lance a Little' has 3 tattoos and I tell him everytime he comes over "Lance your cut out of the will"
So anyway I gotta go skinny dippin with my hubby because WE ARE HOME ALONE... Can you believe it!!!!


eml625 said...

I dont like kids with Piercings and Tat's also, and they need to pull their pants up while we are at it !
Ok hope your AC is ok. We havent even turned ours on yet this summer !

queeniemart said...

glad you had a good 4th with friends and family around you....when Meg was 14 she begged for a belly button piercing....EVERYONE was getting them. I said nope. She hated me. She is almost 20 and said a few days ago that she is glad she doesnt have it now. Chad threatens to get a tattoo every other day. I WILL lazer it off if he gets it.
You are so lucky Sam is handy. Rick isn't and it makes me crazy.

nay0114 said...

Lauren is the only pierced thing in my family. No tats yet on anybody. Lauren wants one, but like I told her wait get something small and where nobody can see it just in case you don't like it. Apparently it was the rage in school to get tats all over your body for senior year she had so many friends do it and they all hate them now. Like I said WAIT and if you still want it get it later don't rush you'll be sorry because it aint coming off without surgery.
Glad you all figured out the leaky problem. Sounds like you had a great cookout. It's nice to have alone time with your husband.. isn't it? That's the point I should have been at in my life.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

candlejmr said...

My husband always says the kids can do whatever they want with their HAIR (and Kaitlin took advantage of that...we had red and blue and green streaks...I personally liked the purple best) but NO piercings or tattoos.  TOO PERMANENT!  The hair at least will grow out!

Sucks about the air conditioning...and yes, that humidity?  We live with that EVERY DAMN DAY!!!  Glad you got some "fun time" in though!


imgr8phil said...

I'm glad he is a good handy man.  Are you going to give us an update on how the skinny dipping went?  Have a good Sunday.


ktchu9 said...

Well so glad you all had a nice 4th..........ours was quiet, but then went to a barbq yesterday with our old neighbors from next door............which btw live only a couple of blocks from us now, but in the new houses..............they had a block party! was fun and we got out of the house too!!!!!WOO HOO!!!haven't felt like doing much these days, things are taking its toll on you could imagine.........i hate feeling so down, but it won't be long and i should be back to myself..............and i must tell shhhhhhhh though that even my man and i are doing pretty good considering hes been home so much, and i do alot for myself..........anyways im supposed to go to the fair today.......we'll see! the reason being were looking for that special PIG!! yep thats right for the family reunion!!we'll see

Love you all,

Glam Pam

lanurseprn said...

I agree with you on the humidity. I can't stand it. I feel sticky all the time when it's high....and that's bad when I'm running around at work!
Glad you got your AC fixed. I'm in love with mine....I'm hoping it works forever! LOL!
Have a good weekend.
Hugs Pam xoxox