Monday, July 7, 2008

Kameron at Glen Helen with chipped tooth


Kameron came off the track from practice all sweaty and started giving himself hair do's... This is Insurance Salesman Kameron... He did about 5 different hair do's and we were laughing!

This is Dumb and Dumber I cracked my front tooth Kameron

but you can't really see the broken tooth?

This is Joe and Bolts... I teased Joe about having Betty Boop hair...

Kameron and Bolts...

Bolts is a freckle puss... She thought that was funny... See


Kameron! You need to shave too!!!


Next photo entry will be on Candice and Mike Bob Bill


frankandmary said...

undertakers have that special wax for chipped teeth. he might want to borrow some :-)

lanurseprn said...

OUCH that had to hurt!! He's STILL very handsome!

imgr8phil said...

You can call him chipper from now on.  Have a good Tuesday chickie!


eml625 said...

He's still handsome...I like the way the leash covers Bolt's private parts, we don't need to be seein any doggie porn.

ktchu9 said...

No matter what hes still that handsome hunk of a Silva! and i couldn't see any chipped teeth!.....and yes i have my glasses on! Oh and can't wait to see some of Candice and Mike BobBill!!

Love you,

Glam Pam

queeniemart said...

This is not the first time you have shown a dog and their privates.....cough cough. Damn bestiality freak.
Kam is so handsome! XO

Tell Sam i want him to do Bolt's position.