Friday, February 8, 2008

This is a letter to Candice from Grampa...

12 years ago when Grampa didn't have Alzheimer's, when he was able to do what he wanted, when he drove and was mobile... I thought I would share the letter with all of you [with Candice's permission of course] so you could see the Grampa before he got sick...
March 31, 1996
Dear Candice:
What a beautiful letter. I shall keep it forever.  Incidentally, you are the first grandchild that ever wrote me a letter.  What a pleasant surprise, I say again "I will keep it and cherish it forever."
I am so proud of you.  You are one great wonderful Granddaughter.
Winning second place in the science fair is quite a "fete" for a sixth grader, also hoping for a third "A" honor roll is really something to shoot for.
This tremendous attitude is due to your impelling effort and desire, which will certainly be an asset in achieving your goals during your teenage and adult life.  Keep it up.
Also that essay about the jobs of a Sister and Priest was utterly fantastic.  I began to wonder how such a young lady and sixth grader, could ever imagine the duties of a Priest and Sister, and then put it into words, the way you did.  I'm sure your teacher and parents are very proud of such an accomplishment [beautifully done].
Now I'll tell you a little about my dull life. ha ha   Lets see now, If I remember correctly, I think you stated it this way; "Whats up with you Gramps?"
Well, to be honest with you, things have been going along rather smoothly for this  young "geezer" lately.  Skiing is just about over, so I am looking forward to the pack backing season and trout fishing.
I'll be back packing the Grand Canyon again this year [June 25 -26-27]
Hopefully you, Kris, Collin, Ryan and Nicholas and possibly Kameron might be able to join me. {Those were grandkids}
Its apretty tough back pack but knowing you and your never give up attitude, there is no doubt in my mind that you can do it.
Also my golf game has gone "zilch" Another words, terrible. I'm not even shooting my handicap which is 18, and thats bad. Don't tell your Dad this.  He'll probably laugh and say; "Ole Grampa is getting old and going down hill, and he won't admit it"  Oh yeah, I won't buy that.  You tell him; "I'll beat his behind" any day on the golf course as well as trout fishing", ha ha
I'm also getting my motorcycle ready for the high desert [250cc] so I can run circles around your Dad. You know how it is; "I'll let him beat me, just to make him feel good." Tell him this. [that will get his "gander" up]
Come to think of it, I'm looking forward to back packing the Sierra's in August. [as soon as the snow melts and the trails are open] Going to back pack into the Cottonwood Lakes, just below Mt. Langley, the second highest peak in the Continental U.S.  I'm looking forward to it, because it's really good golden trout fishing [native trout]
I think your Dad said something about wanting to go along this year. The hike takes us up beyond the thirteen thousand foot level but its beautiful country. I can't wait.
Oh my Gosh, here I am "yakking" about myself and I almost forgot to mention the most important occasion in this letter.  I want to mention how proud I am to hear of your baptism and holy communion as well as Kris, Kameron and your Mom. I think that is utterly wonderful and fantastic.  I'm very proud of your Mom for the way she had worked with you children to become Catholics. She deserves four stars, come to think of it, ten stars would be more appropriate.  She even has that notorious son of mine [your Dad] going to Mass too.  Your Mom is very very special and I love her.
Well, Candice, I think I've just about said it all, and as we use to say in the Canoe Club [the Navy], It's time to drop anchor and bail out.
It was so nice to hear from you.  Hope to hear from my number one pen pal again.
Hope to see you all at Easter, and I wantto wish you and your Mother and Dad and family a Happy and Blessed Easter and God Bless you all.
All my Love,


candlejmr said...

Oh Kendra, this letter is so sweet.  Did your grampa actually DO all those things?  Backbacking and such?  

What an awesome man....


nay0114 said...

Awwww... that is just the most precious letter I have ever seen and think how much it means to Candice for her Grampa to have told her those things. His wit and comedy comes out in the letter and she'll always have his words to remember him by straight from his mouth. What a compliment to you in there he really does love ya. Isn't it amazing how we marry and get the best things in life their parents and grandparents. For me, it was John's grandparents. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Take care, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

Wow, he is an amazing man!! How lucky for you all to have him as your relative.

frankandmary said...

Now that is a real Grampa letter, not one of those,  We Love You. Pray more often.  

That is what my friends often got! He deserves every bit of care & comfort you guys are providing him with now.  ~Mary