Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am!!!  I already made a huge pot of chili... I figure its perfect for today... gonna be raining all day with occasional 60 mph winds!  Anyone who comes over  hungry can grab a bowl, throw some cheddar cheese on it, have Ritz, or Saltines or Garlic Bread with it... and I dot have to leave the couch ;)
Kameron and Kieffer are gonna bitch but I don't care... They are 'healthy' eaters... They can eat the veggie tray...  [Ellen I don't think they could survive in Brooklyn - I was watching Scott Baio is 46 and pregnant - he travels back to his old neighborhood and goes to the local deli, he started to order his sandwich with wheat bread and his old buddies started to give him hell - 'with sprouts and soy milk too?' 
He changed his order quickly...
Yikes...  The only way Kieffer likes chips is with cottage cheese...  I'll tell them to stay away from Brooklyn...
I wanna go to Brooklyn tho...  You can take me to any Italian neighborhood...
If I could only eat one ethnic type of food for the rest of my life... it would be Italian!!! 
[I would miss Panda Express]  Do any of you have Panda Express back there? It is the only kind of fast food I can't give up!  I order a 1/2 and 1/2[chow mien &  fried rice, orange chicken and kung pau chicken]
They even have Panda at Angel Stadium... The line was sooooo long... but I waited in it at Supercross!  Way better than those hot dogs!
Speaking of hot dogs... we finally have Nathan's Hot Dogs out here... in the grocery, at the movies, and a place on Palm Canyon... Isn't that a New York thing? 
OMG!!! I forgot to tell you... I found a good grocery store... I am so happy!!!
Remember, they closed my Alberston's for a Carneceria? [Mexican Market ...the building is still empty BTW]
So I have been upset, they are building a Stater Bros. around the corner but its not finished yet and the other one up the street is WAY to crowded with a security guard standing outside [uh ya I'm not going there] 
So I drove to the next town to another Albertson's and everyone in that store was so great and helpful
[plus Kameron's friend Travis works as butcher there]
I was so impressed with the store I called the manager and told him I would be coming back because of Travis [he owes me one], the checker and the box boy!
I even chit chatted with an older New Yaark woman at the store... She was complaining about how cold it was... I said "but at least there isn't any snow here!"  She was a tiny little thing... must have been 80!
Ok... 11:06am and I am still in my robe... YIKES!!!  Lazy Bones Jones... Sam just came in and said "Hey Honey.... Oh... are you floggin and bloggin"
"Yes my am"
Oh... I forgot to tell you about my super clean house I came home to from the high desert house... Kameron and his girlfriend did it for me... Can you say 'Major Brownie Points' cha ching...
They didnt do laundry tho... I swear Chrissie I'm booking you a ticket...
Oh... and thank you for nominating my blog for the award ;) 
This is what she wrote about me for the 'Nice Matters' Award
Kendra is this crazy tall blonde hoochie mama from California (I say that with love ;-)~). Her whole family of boys are motocross racers. IF you need someone to pick you up, talk to this lady she'll do it for you.  She was the first person from Jland that I ever talked to on the telephone.  I love her stories of her husband, gorgeous movie star looking kids and her Hollywood dogs. I want your life sometime okay. When I run away I'm gonna go to her house and do her laundry LOL. I don't even remember how I metcha probably through LJ, but your one of my greatest friendships. Thanks for being you.
Anyway, everyone have a great Superbowl Sunday... Dont leave during the commercials because I want to know everyone's favorite one later today...
REMEMBER DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE... Its not worth it... Dot let your friends do it either! The police are around the corner waiting in full force today...
Call me Ill pick you up!


queeniemart said...

Hoochie mama is a GOOD word for you my friend! LOL
We have a Panda Express..i hate that kind of food but Rick loves it.....i want to go to NY & eat all of Ellen's food. We have nothing worth shit in my city except some good donuts.
Right now i could eat a fucking box of donuts in 10 min flat.
Enjoy your crazy boys and day.

candlejmr said...

When are you coming to NY??  Make sure you tell me cause I WANNA MEET YOU TOO!!!!!!!  

And can you send your son and his girlfriend over here?  I've got three kids and none of them are cleaning MY house!!!!

And chili sounds great to me!!! I'll be there! (lol)


imgr8phil said...

You are pretty funny.  Enjoy the game and grocery shopping etc.


nay0114 said...

WOW so is Kameron gonna keep this girl? Sounds like she did score major points. What doesn't she know how to do laundry? God, Lauren called me the other day she was staying at her sister's apartment and wanted to know how to work the washer. She thought you had to put it on RINSE. I said well that would be nice IF it was washed first (slapping my forehead).

Rain and 60mph winds.. you guys are either gonna float away or blow away. Tell the boys to suck it up. You made chili didn't you. I was gonna say break out the veggies they'll be fine. I love fruit and veggie trays.

Hope you guys have a fun day.

Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

eml625 said...

Nothing compares to the food in New York, Italian, chinese, you name it ! We might have that Panda Express, not sure.
If you come here it could be a new reality show , OC Housewives, meet the real housewives of NEW YAWK !  It's like Sopranos/melrose
Love ya