Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leenie or Natalie can you tell the difference?


Super Quick entry because Sam and I have to run down to Benlo RV and then Cost Co...
this morning I wake up to Sam saying... "Honey, you should get up and come say Hi to Darlene" "Oh Wow, Darlene okay" I love Darlene... or as I call her 'My Leenie' she was Kameron's girlfriend in high school in 9th and 10th grade I believe... now she goes to SDSU [San Diego State] I believe this is her Sophomore year? Anyway... I adore Leenie, she is such a good girl and we practically raised her!  I paid for all the dresses she wore to the dances with Kameron... [she comes from a very poor family, who is not very active in her life] I am not kidding when I say she practically lived here.  I helped her get into college by writing recommendation letters [she volunteered hundreds of hours for the football team helping me] She was a GREAT influence on Kameron's life [he became Homecoming Prince and got a 4.0 All DVL Award] Anyway... I taught her a lot of things but most importantly to write Thank You notes ;)  After graduation she wrote one to me and one to Sam... I can't find mine right this minute so I will share the one she wrote to Sam...
Sam, Dad, friend, companion, politician, comedian, chef, handy-man, mechanic, vacation co-ordinator, counselor:
You've been all of the following to me, for the past four years. Since freshman year, you've been an important part of my life.  You introduced me to the world of motocross [which I still love!} took me to the track, let me experience the excitement of riding a dirt bike and watching the races. I found a new love for the smell of four stroke gas at 7am on a Sunday morning.  Thank you for the revealing of such an invigorating sport and for all the money and time spent to do that.
I'll never forget all the time we spent at the dinner table discussing political issues, eating one of your many finger licking meals.  You always helped me see things in a different way, even though I know it seemed I wasn't taking it in.  I'd always question ideas.  You helped me be more open to new ideas.  Your sense of humor and joking manner helped me lighten up and be a little less uptight.
Thank you for providing a home for me, away from home. I always felt welcome, as I still do and I appreciate your patience with my attitudes and mood swings during difficult parts of my life.  Thank you for the chance to learn what a real family is: one that eats together, talk to each other, travel together, celebrate, argue, apologize, forgive one another. It was an important event in my life.  You've become my father, whom I love and I know I can go to for good advice.  I admire you and all your accomplishments in life and can only hope, I too, will one day be just as successful as you.   When that day comes, I know I will look back to my high school years and to the times spent at the Silva house and say Thank You.  So thank you in advance for the motivation that will lead me to my future accomplishments. I love you, Sam.  Thank you for being a father figure.  Love Darlene
June 2006
See... doncha just love my Leenie...!!!  Here is photo of her and Kameron going to the Homecoming Dance when he was the 10th grade Prince... Doesn't she look like Natalie Portman [Natalie Portman is in that new movie 'The other Boylnn Girl' or something like that... anyway people ask her all the time if she is Natalie Portman]
She got asked a lot when the new star wars movie came out because she was in those movies [mother of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah I think she was Queen Amadola or something like that]


  Natalie Portman


frankandmary said...

She seems like a good deal, maybe he should have kept her around :-).  I love the letter she wrote Sam; that is so sweet & appreciative.  Sometimes you don't learn about your intrinsic worthiness at home.....  ~Mary

nay0114 said...

YES she does look like Natalie Portman who I love as an actress. That was a beautiful letter she sent Sam. She sounds like a keeper...
Take care, Chrissie

eml625 said...

Why arent they together? She's a cutie.

candlejmr said...

AWWWWWWWWW.......maybe they should get back together???  She's a cutie...and it seems YOU raised her to be an awesome young woman!


imgr8phil said...

She is a cutie, better looking than Natalie in my book.


queeniemart said...

she is a total cutie!!Too bad they arent together now!