Sunday, February 10, 2008

Days like today are the reason I live here...

Its Feb 10, and 83 degrees outside...  Remember how I use to complain about us having no rain?  Well this winter came through with a lot of rain and now all the hills are green again...  Its amazing how everything can go from brown to green with just a little bit of rain...
We didnt race this weekend... the bikes were not ready after the crazy few weeks we have had [break in's for 2 weeks and then Grampa last week]
Racing is going to get crazy pretty soon... we have local races until March and then we head to Texas for two Nationals... [we'll be gone for 3 weeks... I don't know how that is going to go with Grampa being sick... I sure would hate to be in the middle of a National near Houston, Texas and get the call Grampa passed away!]
After March and Texas... comes April and 10 days in Las Vegas for the World Mini Grand Prix race....
After that comes Yamaha Dealer Series at Glen Helen and the Ponca City Oklahoma Qualifier then the Loretta Lynn Qualifier for Hurricane Mills, Tennessee...
Oh Boy... I have sure enjoyed these last 4 weeks off... I have NOT however enjoyed the reasons we had to take them off!!!
Well... I hafta go do laundry because Chrissy hasn't flown here to do it for me... WTH Chrissy?  I also have to clean out my fridge... but I don't wanna...
Its too nice of a day to stay inside and clean...  I should be lounging poolside with a pina coloda in my hand [like a good trophy wife is supposed too]
Have a good Sunday everyone...


nay0114 said...

83? and NOW you wanna do laundry. Girl you should have been cranking that out when it was raining. I don't do laundry on sunny nice days. I'll make you feel better I think its in the 30s here all I know is the heat keeps coming on so must be cold outside.
Oh my gosh you guys will be gone that long. It will be very sad if something happens and you all are on the road. Thats what happened to my best friend and her husband they left to go get their daughter settled in PA to start working she moved there for a job and just as soon as they pulled in the driveway they got the call to come back home his grandmother had died. So they picked up daughter and turned right around and headed back to the house. I felt so bad for them they'd had no rest been on the road the whole time and nothing was done. They had to head right back when the funeral was over because he was on vacation from work so they were running out of days to help their daughter. It was mess and I hope that doesn't happen for you all.
Heck by now that laundry has to have taken over the house. LOL.. I can't believe you scared that lady off the first weekend she came. It has to be like my sisters. She doesn't believe in washing clothes only shopping to buy new ones. LOL IF I had money like that I guess I would think the same too.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Hugs, Chrissie

candlejmr said...

That's it....I'm coming.  83 degrees.  I'm definitely coming.  I just stood outside in the freezing cold for 2 hours....I'm coming.

Keep the door open for me.....(LOL!!!)


PS...You'll be out racing so much, you won't even know I'm there.....(lol)

eml625 said...

When are you coming to NY ???
You know the OC housewives meets the NY housewives, we could do a series.
If Jeanne is on her way, I am too. You cant have Jersey showup without NY !!!
Love ya

queeniemart said...

83 my ass.

we have layers of ice everywhere. I am living in hell.

sorry you didnt get to race.