Friday, July 20, 2007

steam is billowing out my ears at the moment...

Ok I am getting ticked... so you'all gotta hear about it ok...
3 days ago Kameron calls Sam... "I'm sorry... I got off track... I miss working out and Im ready to commit to everything"  Blah Blah Blah...
that was the condenced 1 hour phone call okay...  "I'm coming home Friday and i will be at the Gym to train Friday at 9am" [Chris his trainer has him for 30 minutes then Kieffer for 30]
So Kieffer and I show up at the Gym [I work out with my trainer Eric at 9:30am-10am but I do cardio for 30 minutes before then Kieffer and I are done at the same time]
Kameron NEVER shows up...
Its now 5:12pm no Kameron... so I call him...
"Are you coming home today?"
"I just back into town from San Diego I have to pack up my stuff"
"We are getting ready to go to the Lake"
"When?" surprised
"Monday... but we need help getting stuff ready"
"When are we coming back" sounds like he has plans
"What does it matter?"
"You dont know when we are coming back?"
"I dont know 4 -5 days... why?"
anyway... I would like to call him back and say "You know what Kameron... once again everyone and everything else is more important than your family and your goals... just stay where you are... I dont feel like playing this game anymore"
I think Sam is going to say the same thing when he gets here... with every ticking moment he is getting more and more ticked


frankandmary said...

Does my man Kameron have a JOB?  
< you know me, just curious ;-0. ~ Mary

imgr8phil said...

I think you ought to tell him that.  You don't need to mince words with him.  Take care babe.


queeniemart said...

Awful. The way these teens think the world revolves around them and they put those who are truly the most important LAST. I am so sorry!