Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Lets blow this clam bake"...

I'm back from Havasu... miss me...
Thursday Kieffer says... "Lets go to Lake Havasu"
I say "Ok I have to meet the air conditioner guy anyway...We'll come back the next day" One of our air conditioners is out there... 3 hour trip...
Kameron talks Kieffer's friend out of going "Nah it will be lame our boats not even there"
I LOVE doing spontanous stuff like that... Sam hates it [Eagle Scout has to have everything planned]
So Kieffer and friends bail out... I say "Fine... Nick you wanna go with me?"
Nick says "Ya I ll go with ya"
"Cool... lets blow this clam bake"  [lets go]
We leave Thursday at 3pm.... for a round trip... he he just got home today Sunday... wooo Hooo what a blast...
oops more later


queeniemart said...

so glad you got out and had a ball.
love you


imgr8phil said...

Glad  you had fun.  Spontaneous stuff is fun though I haven't done anything spur of the moment for a long time.  I do think you would have had more fun had you worn pasties!  LOL ; )~


eml625 said...

I'm with Sam. We need to plan things !!!
Glad you had fun.

frankandmary said...

Eagle Scout.....HA HA HA.  I am with you. ~Mary