Tuesday, August 14, 2007

we are back home

I am tired... and I didn't even do any concrete ;)  UGH!  Good thing we happened to be up there because the new pipes on the sprinkler system went off at 6am this morning and we had another mini flood! I guess the joint somehow wasn't glued and the PVC pipe came out of the joint... water everywhere... Could have been worse... again we got lucky... I am still trying to convince Sam the glass is half full tho!  He says things like "Can I get a break please"

Anyway... things were lovely up there inside the house... the house door has been open for a week right... around the corner from us the people have about 17 horses... [horse shoe maker]

So, can you imagine about 500 flies in the house! I am not kidding when I say I felt like an Ethiopian Child doing an adoption video...

I could NOT get rid of all of them either.... ICK...

We had to sleep under the covers! It was so bad I was saying "Can I get a break, please" then we woke up to the mini flood!

Kameron and Kieffer took their 50cc bikes up there to ride and like a dummy Kieffer decided to ride with out a shirt [about 101 degrees - 10 degrees cooler than here]

anyway... the bike stalled he went down and he is a big scab, down his side...

they never listen - dress for the crash - not for the ride!

[Did I tell you he raced in the Novice class last Saturday and took a 6th place? Pretty good!]

Kameron isn't racing right now because he broke his knuckle in Lake Havasu wakeboarding - no cast - Dr. said he wants him moving his hand and using it...

OMG I just saw the fire on the news in LA by the Griffith Observatory...  I am telling you LA and Southern California is a BIG FIRE waiting to happen - EVERYWHERE is so brown, with dying trees...  It is SO dry here you have no idea!

We havent had rain in so long I cant tell you... probably a year!

Send rain here!!!

One last thing...

Phil you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers... Big Hugs Honey


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imgr8phil said...

Thank you Kendra for the thoughts and prayers.  I am also not a big fan of flies, especially that many of them.