Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another race a different day...

Good Sunday Morning...

Hope I didnt freak you all out with Kieffer's scab today ;)

Anyway he is racing a 45 minute / 3 mile Grand Prix in Novice at Glen Helen today... an endurance race that seperates the men from the boys... they do it once a month...

I am driving out there again with Grandpa and Kieffer's friend Joe... I am coming later because 6am to 6pm is way too long of a day for Grampa... Sam said he missed me not going yesterday morning with them... I said "That kind of talk will get you everywhere Mr."

Ok... another Grandpa moment for you...

Yesterday, we came home and started watching the Rams and Chargers football game - somehow we got on the subject of Alaska... Grampa LOVES Alaska... [if you recall Grampa took Sams Scout troop hiking up to Mt. Wilson - both sides - first troop to accomplish this - so he is a mountain man at heart]

Grampa says "I LOVE Alaska, many people find that hard to believe"

I said "But there is no woman in Alaska" 

he said "Yes there is!"

I said "There is?"

he said "Sure...... but you might have to pay for them"

OMG!!! I swear he loves shocking us with his comments!



imgr8phil said...

That scab was narly!  All the bruises too.  Have fun at the races.


queeniemart said...

LOL      Grandpa is a riot. Is it hot there at the races?

eml625 said...

Man, I gotta hang with Grandpa!