Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My day...

7:30am up and making coffee, let dogs out, let back in, feed dogs,take big garbage cans out to the curb because someone forgot uh hum...

8am kiss Sam goodbye because he was heading to Newport Beach House [1 hour 45 minutes away] to meet landscape guy and painters

8:15am jump in shower to go to gym - [sounds stupid but that trainer gets pretty close if ya know what I mean]

8:40am wake up Kameron Kieffer and Kieffer's friend Lance... for Gym

9am - 10am Gym

10:15am drive through Jack in the Box for bowl of fruit and orange juice- Wish we had a Jamba Juice nearby- you have one?

10:30am eat with kids at home

11:00am jump back in shower, get dressed, get dogs hooked up with leashes

12:00pm drive back to High Desert House [40 minutes away] to meet the alarm company between 2 and 4pm..

2pm - finished reading Prey by Micheal Crighton - turned on Harry Potter movie [1st one]

3pm-Alarm guy calls he's 45 minutes away... Grrrrrr ugh

3:30pm he shows up and puts in ear splitting sirens in the house and garage [atleast the neighbors will know bad guys are trying to break in I guess]  Gigi and Rider were NOT happy with testing them!

5pm - drive back home

6pm - get home open the door and smell the BEST food... OMG my husband is a Great Cook...

Mostacholli Noodles, Sausage, broccoli, califlower, carrots, red peppers, yellow pepper... OMG!!!!! it was so good... but it always is when he cooks [which is almost everyday... am I the luckiest girl in the world or what!]

6:30pm we sit down for dinner - Kam Kieffer Sam Me and Lance...

7pm - I clean up kitchen... he cooks I clean up...

7:30pm we all start watching Unique Whips... is that place on Long Island Ellen?

8pm - Here I am with you...

That was my day... kinda boring huh!



imgr8phil said...

Sounds like a long day to me.  My day was nothing to write home about and that is not because I am already home.  Take care chickie.


eml625 said...

That movie was filmed here, but I havent seen it .
Man, I'm tired just reading about your day !!!

love ya

queeniemart said...

if only i had days like that all the time. Never gonna happen in my world. My DH never cooks for one. I am glad you had a decent day, you deserve it.
XO lj