Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm backkkkkk.................

Home again, Home again, Jiggidy jig LOL

OMG I am so wiped out... its a good tired... it was a great week... Kieffer holeshot one of his moto's and was in first place for all five laps... [with a guy on his ass the whole time] I cried after it was over... Taking first at a National is huge...

HOWEVER... that is NOT my biggest news of all!

You guys are NEVER going to believe this... you better sit down... LOL

I get a call from Kameron last week... "Mom are you sitting down?"
"Uh Oh... what Kameron"
"No its good news" I was thinking.. Candice must be having twins... but no...
"Mom, Manny came over today... he is alive..."
"WHAT?" "Ya the VA sent him to a nursing home for 2 months, he has been trying to get a hold of you but he only had our home number at the other house" [Which I disconnected a month ago]

so much for those weird signs... I'll prefer to think of them as Manny trying to call me... LOL

So yesterday as I was typing this Manny came over... I guess he had a bad reaction to his chemo and it almost killed him... He was in ICU for weeks... [GD VA Hospital for not telling me where he was... Sheesh]
He worked pretty hard to get out of there... [he would stay at his rehabilitation session a couple of hours more than he had to!] Anyway... finally he was released on March 19... and then he came over here...

Then you will never believe what happened... he drove into town to get some food... and some idiot tried to pass another car... he had to drive into the desert to avoid him! He is all bruised up from the accident! The guy just kept driving... his tire was flat.... so he had to jack it up and change his tire afterwards...

Survives the hospital, and then almost gets killed in a car accident! Then has to change his own tire in the desert at 83... Is he a tough old bird or what? I think it rattled him pretty good... because he asked if he could go to town with me next time I go... so I am taking him today...

Manny said he would put our names on the list for the VA emergency contact... and keep a copy of our numbers in his wallet...

It sure is nice to get a second chance with someone you care about...

Stories and pictures of Texas to follow next entry... Ok I'll give ya a few right now... LOL
My honey [above] [below] my neice Michelle
or Kieffer's lady luck cousin LOL
The beautiful sunsets in Texas


Missie said...

OMG! Manny is alive? How wonderful!!

I know how worried you were when he was no longer was in the house!

Loved the racing pictures.

Gram Pam said...

What nice trophies Keiffer!!
all those prayers did work......Thank you God! Michelle Bell is such a cutie....of course when your a Silva, it runs in the family!!! Ok shes half Ferrigno too!....I'm so happy "our" Manny is back. Kendra tell him I will come up and take care of him, but with out all the benies!!LOL OK maybe we can work something out, like his property....just kidding, but you know what i mean!I'm so glad he made it through that terrible chemo and that accident, please tell him that, and that I can't wait to see glad you all made it home with out to much incident and safely.....Love you all!!

Jeanne said...

FIRST PLACE????? FOR REAL????? He really, really took first place at Nationals??? THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

And OH MY GOD......MANNY IS ALIVE???? That is the most incredible thing I have heard in a long time! Now tell him to have his contact info update ASAP because we were all worried sick about him!!! (lol)


PS...Is Candice gonna find out what she's having???

Chrissie said...

WHOO HOO all the way around.
So glad Manny is alive and you got some answers and he is putting you guys on a list now.
Congrats on the win WOW !!! Awesome news.
Twins, I would have passed out. lol.
Glad you guys are home safe.
Hugs, Chrissie

Pamela said...

Those are GREAT trophies!! How awesome that he WON!! I'm so proud of him. Tell him that, ok?
Crazy about Manny, huh? WTH?? I'm glad he's ok and you can have your 2nd chance.
Loved the pictures. Texas looks beautiful...but I am glad you are back!! Miss ya! It's not the same without you being here in CA.

LIZ said...

So glad to hear Manny is alive!!! And congrats to your son on the win!! I dont know how you do it...I dont think I could handle extreme sports your a tougher mom than me thats for sure!!!

Julie said...

I am glad Manny is alive. 'Great placing in the finals.