Wednesday, May 9, 2007

your excused today...

Hey... morning...  I have to vent about something and Ellen you do not need to read this since I called ya and vented a few days ago...
so your excused from class today ;)
I told ya Kris was supposed to call on Sunday and let Sam know if he would commit to anger management classes... 
So Sunday about 2pm Kris chirps Sams Nextel and Sam says back "Kris we are racing at Glen Helen call me back in a few hours when we are home"  he says OK... fast forward... we get home and Sam plugs in his Nextel upstairs to charge and we bar b que and go swimming, have dinner, watch sopranos, and head upstairs because Sam is exhausted [up at 5:30am both days for racing]  I asked Sam if Kris called he looks and says nope, and falls asleep.  I start studying in the office off of our bedroom.  Sam's phone starts ringing...
Sam says "Honey will you call Kris and tell him I am asleep and I will talk to him in the morning"
I say "OK".
Kris answers "Hello" in a crappy tone
"Hey Kris its Mom... listen Dad is asleep and..."
"What? I have been calling all day!"
"Ya I know Kris but we were racing"
"I talked to him at Glen Helen and he said to call later so I did..."
"Well, he didn't get those calls later.... but listen he said.."
"Hey, Hey, Hey Kris... Dont get an attitude with me, I am not the enemy... I thought Dad and told you to make a decision anyway.."
"Hey... you know what Kris... this is a perfect example of why you need anger management."
CLICK he hung up on me...
I call him back and say "The next time I see you I expect an apology Kristofer, I was trying to be nice and tell you Dad is sleeping and all you give me is attitude.  I dont deserve that, you have a problem Kris"
So poor Candice... I call her the next day...
"Candice, you need to call your brother and tell him to get his head out of his ass"
"what happened?" so I tell her what happened...
"Well if its any consolation, no one is telling Kris he had a reason to go off at the jobsite... everyone is telling him he was wrong"
"Well good... I dont think Kris realizes Dad has to now MAKE UP something for him to do at work because the only job we have going at the moment is Newport Beach, and he should have had enough respect for Dad to just get along with Greg"
"Mom... come on... we are talking about Kris here... you know how he is..."
"I know..."
 big sigh...
"well at least now he will get help for it... he never would have gotten that DUI if he hadn't gotten all pissed off and drove the truck"
"I know... hey listen Mom... I need a ride back home I am at my boyfriends and his truck broke down and my car isn't here can you come get me?"
"Where does he live?"
"Uh... the La Quinta Cove" [its pronounced La keen-ta not La quin-ta ]
"Are you kidding me?"
"No, I promised Kris I would drive him to his DUI class tonight"
"Ok... ugh"
"Thanks Mom, Oh and Mom dont tell Dad how pissed you are at Kris... its a Mom thing"
"You better tell him, he owes me an apology"
"I will, thanks Mom"
Its about a 35 minute drive....  Grrrrr but I did it....  ICK...
"So what did your brother say?"
"He said you started in on him about anger management"
"OMG! No I didn't Candice"
"Mom I know... Its Kris... dont you think I know"
So that was two days ago and I am still upset about it!
He has to go to anger management Wednesday and Thursday nights for 16 weeks so I feel better now...  Hopefully he'll get it!  We'll see...


eml625 said...

THis is me NOT commenting.


imgr8phil said...

This is me commenting on Ellen not commenting.  LOL  I hope he gets something out of anger management, but I kinda doubt it.  Those classes are for shit anyway . . . but I would hope he learns to treat you with more respect.  Take care chickie.


queeniemart said...

can i mail Chad AND Rick to you and you make them go with Kris to those classes? I mean, damn. All these males who need a serious attitude adjustment!
I hope you get that apology.
love you bunches, lj

nana0014 said...

So sorry sweetie... dontcha hate being a mom sometimes. It has it's highs and it sure comes with sucky moments too. He'll come around let's just hope it doesn't take that long.
Love ya, Chrissie