Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going to Artie's

God I miss that old man... I am heading over to his house to meet with his wife Doloris... I am going to ebay some stuff for her... or find her the best price...

She has some really neat stuff...

Today, I will take pictures of stuff like a George Montgomery Litho from the movie Gun Belt with Tab Hunter also... Dinah Shore gave it to Artie... She always told Doloris "You better treat him right or I'm gonna marry him!" this was after George Montgomery died of course... A lot of people thought she was a lesbian but nope she wasnt...

Gotta go

Ta Ta


eml625 said...

If anyone were cut out to do that job its you.  
Let me if ya come across anything interesting.

imgr8phil said...

Good luck with helping her sell some of that stuff.  Anything I'd be interested in?


queeniemart said...

people thought Dinah Shore was a lesbian? Man, i miss old time Hollywood.
Love you