Saturday, May 12, 2007

Prom and Good eggs ;)

Happy Saturday ya'all... We are busy little beavers around here getting ready for a race tonight... I like evening races.. much better waking up later than 5:30am like all the other races.. Sunday's race is another 6am race ewwww.... Kameron won't be racing because he is going to the prom...  His girlfriend is a Senior this year, he graduated last year...  I wont be here for pics...  Sam and I dont 'get' the new girlfriend...  I am nice to her and all but everytime I get close to them, then he gets another one and I have to start all over again... His old girlfriend Rachel works for us in the office 2 days a week [she also plays college volleyball! she is in college because I helped her fill out all the forms and pushed her to go... I am proud of her... She is also the one who babysat the dogs for us while we were in Vegas... She is a good egg despite having the worst family life... Dad was on heroin, Mother served time for child neglect and alcoholism, Rachel is kinda like the Marilyn of the Munsters, the only normal one... Remember when I got those kids busted for stealing around my town?  One of them was her brother, but she didnt care, she gave me all the info anyway...
"Kendra the stolen stuff is outside in a garbage can, cash register, etc...:" which I passed on to the police and they were all busted... best thing that ever happened to her brother because he is thriving in a structured environment!"  Anyway... she is a good egg... ;)  Maybe that is why I can't get into the new one!  I dont know.. she is just not like us I guess... She is into waterpolo and swimming but way to clingy for me... When Kam goes over there, she cries when he has to come home!! Give me a break! WTH?  What is going to happen when she goes off to college?
I still havent called Kris... I hear his girlfriend is breaking up with him... Well his 'stock' is pretty low right now if you ask me... No car, in debt for atleast a year, and needs rides to 4 classes a week, and almost loses his job... Ohhh dontcha wish your daughter could date someone like that?
Anyway gotta go do goggles and get ready to race.. Jared Kams friend will be racing in Kieffers class tonight. I sure hope he does well ;)


eml625 said...

Hey Sista!  Have a great time tonight.  I am not looking forward to dealing with girl/boy friends anytime soon.
Good luck racing.
Big huge mega hugs


imgr8phil said...

I hope everything goes well at the races tonight.  TTYL


nana0014 said...

Another race... wishing you lots of luck. L.A is off right now having dinner and she looks gorgeous. To funny about the girls... ewww I hate clingy sorry. Aww poor Kris to be kicked when he's already down that's not much support. I can imagine with all those handsome guys of yours that you have plenty of girl troubles on a daily basis. Hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow.
Love ya, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

I hope the races went well. I really hope you have the happiest Mothers day ever!