Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sam and Kendra's Home for Stray Kids

I should hang that sign over my door... I am not kidding... some kids bring home stray puppies Kieffer brings home stray kids...  I could go into a list of them.. the current one is named Lance... Kameron calls him "Lance a Little"...  he was on the football team but got kicked off for his GPA... he reminds me of Babarino in 'welcome back cotter or Kotter' something like that.  He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he is a sweet kid...  In 2 years I have met one parent one time...  then they moved an hour away... only it seems they forgot their kid!  Lance says he wants to finish out the year here...  So he is here I swear 4 out of 7 days a week...  Sam and I thought maybe he ran away or something... nope...  just hobo-in' I guess... Strange... I could never imagine just letting my kid roam like that... I do know this...
They need to buck up with some rent tho jeez!


eml625 said...

I'm gonna show up on your doorstep next

Goooo Yaaankees!

imgr8phil said...

Up your nose with a rubber hose!!  Of course Vinnie Barbarino was played by John Travolta and if this kid grows up like him then you out to nurture this kid.  LOL  Hope you are havin' a nice weekend chickie!


P.s.  I would love to talk to you sometime soon.

queeniemart said...

Call the parent and say you need some food money. You are a nice parent to do that for Lance.

nana0014 said...

WOW I thought this only happened to kids I knew. Must be the new trend in parenting we must have missed the memo or something. I know you have often heard me talk about Kyan's paternal grandmother, Debbie, the one that is busy chancing guys while in the five years that I have know her youngest son, Robert, he has lived with to many people for me to list. It started with him in 8th grade he is a senior this year, but this woman expects everyone else to raise her child. She TELLS people that she will send them money for him and stuff, but when it comes time to cough it up she disappears and it never comes through. Here lately he's been showing up at KT's apartment to eat every night. I hated to be rude, but heck she has to raise her own son and can't take on another. I'm gonna stop for now because I could go on with five years worth of stories.
Take care, Chrissie