Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is looking out my window

So... where did that balloon come from? You tell me? The balloon came dancing up to the pine tree on the left hand side... Then floated straight up and poof it was gone?


Chrissie said...

Hmmmm... a balloon in the middle of nowhere. That is very interesting.
Take care, Chrissie

lisa jo said...

some kid at Chuck E. Cheese is probably REALLY pissed right now.

E-Lo said...

I'm sorry I'm just catching up on this story. I don't know why but i thought you found him after we spoke on the phone.
I totally believe in signs. Totally.
I will call you today if you have time. sorry I didnt the other night, but I wasnt feeling well.

I know all about the laws when dealing with patients. You cant say anything !!! It sucks. I have had the sweetest patients ask me if their results were ok, and I couldnt tell them. It's difficult, really.
Love you. thanks for being there for me this week.