Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Vegas or bust

We are leaving Friday morning for Las Vegas.  Its about a 5 hour drive from here... Sam and Kam will be in the truck with MX trailer. Kieffer and I will be in the Excursion following them.  When we pull into Vegas we head over to the Speedway by Nellis Air Force base and drop off the truck and trailer. You have to get in line for the gates to open on Monday morning... We are usually about #150 out of about 900!  I feel sorry for the ones who stay there in their motorhome... It is nothing but a dry, sandy, parking lot! Reminds me of "The Grapes of Wrath"... Anyway after that we will check into our hotel and have fun for Saturday and Sunday.  Kameron and Kieffer want to go to the Sky Diving Las Vegas again... They don't go up in a plane, they actually go over a jet motor that blasts so much air it simulates jumping and sky diving...  and I guess they want to do the go carts again... Sam said "those carts haul ass" ... Hhhhmmmmm..... ok....  adreline junkies...   Must be a penis thing... I don't know... I just live here...

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eml625 said...

Yup.  A penis thing, sounds about right.

love ya