Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hello Happy Saturday...
I have a huge flat on my car... So I will be calling AAA to put my spare on... then I am heading to Glen Helen Raceway in Devore CA to go see the boys race on the REM track.  We hardly ever race REM races but it is good practice for endurance plus it will be 90 degrees .... currently at 7:58 am it is
Wind: NW at 10 mph
Humidity: 18%
101° | 76°
Yup summer is coming!   Anyway... I think it is stupid to race... after World Mini not much
has happened as far as training harder.  I wish Kameron would train hard and qualify for
Loretta Lynns in Tennessee - Then maybe I could make a day trip to see Chrissie :)
Today is going to be rough - 2 -30 minute motos!  I am sure some of you think it easy
because you are on a bike but that is not true... Did you know Motocross is the second most
physically demanding sport behind soccer? [I guess because you have to go 30 minutes at a time]
I read this long article on it - How they tested elite athletes from all sports. 
Motocross came in second!
Anyway I gotta get ready to play Motomom ;)


imgr8phil said...

How about some graphics with you scantily clad?  LOL


queeniemart said...

Have a good day at the races! Wish you'd come on over to crappy Ohio. We'd have a blast.
love you so,

eml625 said...

Hey sista !! You are the hottest mom !
But hey, I'm a soccer mom dont forget.
Love ya