Friday, April 6, 2007

Still here...

We have not left for Vegas yet as you can tell... We only slept 1 hour last night... uh huh... and we were wiped out!  We had to wait for some packages anyway...

I still haven't packed... I got the bags out... does that count?

Anyway...  I sure hope they allow Kieffer to race Beginner 125cc and 250cc classes.  We are going to post entry him...  I know your probably thinking he is not a beginner and your right he is not.  However on a big bike he is...  You see he raced 50cc and 65cc then he broke his femur.  Seemed like he was back on the mend and ready to race then he broke his leg, then broken arm and leg, and then broken leg in football in August.  He hasn't raced in 6 years!  So I really do not want to put him in the Novice class [we call it the Nervous class], Kameron will be racing Intermediate!  Ellen and Chrissie I'm calling during a race so you can baby-sit me!  If anyone else emails me their numbers Ill call you too!  We will be racing about 10 races...

Practice,Moto 1, Moto2, and then top racers transfer to the mains on Sunday...  I don't believe we will be doing that this year but you never know.

Kameron is racing 125 stock, 125 modified, 250 stock, 250 modified plus a 4 stroke class.

Kieffer will be racing 125 stock, 125 modified... I don't know if they have him racing 250 stock or 250 modified.

The rule usually states - 6 months racing - you are a Novice

I think that rule is stupid - so lets say little Johnny throws his leg over a bike for 1 race, gets hurt, then wants to race again he is a Novice - I don't think so... this rule is in place is for all the sandbaggers we call them.  Usually, an Intermediate rider might enter a Novice race so he can walk away with a trophy.  I do not believe Kieffer would win in beginner... he has a lot of things to work out in his head out there. He says he is not scared anymore what can possibly happen he hasn't gone through before.  I just wanna put bubble wrap on him and the field!

Well, I better get packed...  Remember Chrissie and Ellen if I call Tues. thru Sunday next week ANSWER I need ya!

I was going to tell you all a story about Sam's sisters but I'm taking Lisa Jo's advice and Just Ignoring It!

Hugs with Love




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I'll be there for ya !!!