Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Hi Everyone!
Guess who has wi fi... Whoo Hoo Yippee... Hang on while I do the Wi Fi dance... Yes! It is so nice! So... you can expect to hear more from me now!
I don't know where to begin on getting ya caught up! I guess you know by now I had 50 people up here... ALL WEEKEND!!!
We had a BLAST... I wish I could upload the photos but I can't till I go back to the other house...
We had 4 turkey's, 2 hams, 20 lbs of mashed potatoes, a huge tub of ambrosia, 3 tubs of stuffing, a big bag of brown sugar carrots, 2 huge dishes of green bean casserole, a half of a crock pot of gravy, 7 pies, 1 cake, 3 platters of cookies, 2 plates of brownies, a tub of vanilla ice cream and a partridge in a pear tree!
That was only on Thanksgiving Day... Thanksgiving morning we made 3 dozen eggs, 5 lbs of bacon, and 3 loaves of toast... LOL
The week before Thanksgiving I made a 'nesco' cooker full of beef stroganoff [using about 12 lbs of beef and 2 huge tubs of sour cream]
I also made a 'nesco' cooker full of spaghetti sauce then Gram Pam and I used freezer bags and froze it all.
On Wednesday night... all we had to do was heat up the stroganoff and boil noodles... We just kept the cooker on low. As everyone started arriving, they came in and ate.
The night after Thanksgiving we heated up the spaghetti sauce [or gravy right Ellen?] made 7 packages of noodles with 9 loaves of garlic bread, 3 pans of salad...
So I guess what I am saying is... we made a TON of food everyday this weekend but it was easy!
Every morning a different 'couple' made breakfast for everyone! Thursday morning Gram Pam and Chuck, Friday morning my SIL Tina and her hubby Ciro, and Saturday morning Sam and I did it...
Lunches were made in shifts... usually in 2 to 3 groups... some people would be out on trail rides etc... so as the bunches would come in the house... sandwiches would be made!
I cannot believe the weather... right now as I type this... it is BEAUTIFUL! 74 degrees, sunny, no wind... UGH!!! I swear... why couldn't it have been like this for Thanksgiving? On Wednesday, it started raining here... actually pouring all night! Thursday it was so cold and windy we had to move all the couches and furniture out of the house and put the tables up in the family room...
Friday was nice enough to eat outside... All 5 cafeteria tables were set up! It was much easier!
Saturday was so nice we all played volleyball... [3 games] Most of the guys had shorts and no shirts on! Only in California! LOL Wait till you see the pics!!

On Friday, we turned on the National news station and found out 2 people had been shot and killed in my local Toys R Us... Did anyone else hear about that? How sad is that!

Anyway... I just wanted to share my Thanksgiving with all of you... I'll share more with pics soon...

So.... ya'all come back now ya hear!


Jeanne said...


I KNOW you have this awesome kitchen that your wonderful hubby did for you in that gorgeous house...but


That is a HELLA lot of food!!!

I didn't know you were running a Bed and Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner.....)

Do I need a reservation??? (lol)

When we gonna see PICTURES????


PS...How's Gram Pam feeling?

Anonymous said...

You are making me so hungry with all that food. Glad you had a great weekend. Yes I heard about the shooting. At least the two losers shot and killed each other instead of someone innocent. Have a good week chickie!

Ellen said...

That's alot of food for alot of people, did you clear out your voice mail yet?
I don't see how you think I have an accent ! LOL
I'm glad you had a great time Cant wait for pictures.
I'm picking up Jeanne and coming next time you have a party there ! Jeanne, pack your bags we are heading west !
Hugs and love to ya

~~Emma~~ said...

awesome ... maye next year Alex and I amd the kiddies can come ... then we can head to 29 palms lmao !!

love you

Shelly said...

Man that sounds like a blast!! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and made some awesome memories. Wish I could of been there for that. ; )

Pamela said...

Hey girl! It makes me SICK that I couldn't make it! Got the car fixed...UGH! I'm glad you had a great time! I can't wait to see the pictures!!!
Love ya

Chrissie said...

Dang I'm with Jeanne are you running a bed and breakfast? Honestly it's really not that hard to cook for a lot of people. Sounds like you guys had it under control. Glad it was such a blast. Can't wait for the pics. Glad you're hooked up finally thought you got lost.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie