Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gram Pam pics

This is Gram Pam after her successful surgery whoo hoo! Brandy the cool nurse too!
This picture was taken before surgery at the Hi D house... She was taking a nap with Bolts who had just had surgery to get fixed...

Nurse Pam is coming up Thursday... Whoo Hoo... Can you say fun... Don't worry Ill take pics LOL
I have to go take Gigi in for her 3rd shot... so keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a 'fixin' in the morning... I can't take the 'Bitch in Heat with Uterus infection anymore'...
Be good kids while Mother Kendra is gone LOL


Jeanne said...

HEY WOMAN.....I CALLED YOU TODAY....AND IT SAID YOUR MAILBOX WAS FULL AND I COULD NOT EVEN LEAVE A MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I was stuck in traffic and had ALOT of time to talk!!! (LOL!!)

So...what's up with that??????


PS....Send my love to Gram Pam and Nurse Pam!!!

Chrissie said...

That is a cute pic of G.Pam and Bolts sleeping. So glad everyone is almost done with surgery. Good luck to GiGi. Hope you all have a great time.
Take care, Chrissie