Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The summer of 8th grade Kameron came to me and said he wanted to play football...
Oh wait here is the story and it got published in Motokids magazine  bottom article [busy kids]

Ok.. that was motivated and focused... 

I think the worst thing I did was make them stop racing. Some of you may never understand the sport and that is ok with me.

uh oh to be continued.


queeniemart said...

What a story and i am ticked off for Sam and how his siblings manipulated everything...these sisters KNOW he did not take from his own mom...they are just letting that stay out there so they can rip off their dad. I love his quote about if you can look another man in the eye. I am the same way..if i say i will do something you can bet it is done. But i am surrounded by those who say one thing and do another. UGH.
I love you, always.

frankandmary said...

My parents were poor & I had no siblings.  Took care of that.
I definitely see that with 2 of my boyfriend's brother in laws.  It is embarrassing the way they speak of Don's Parent's money.  They act like a certain % of it is already theirs.  Very odd.  I bought my dad's home when he needed money & someone asked me if I 'felt bad' my dad wanted me to pay.....Uhm, he didn't want me to pay....he needed money to live!
Kendra, I don't think you will have problems like that with your kids.  I think they know how great you are & you them :'}

nana0014 said...

wow... hope kam figures what he wants so he'll be truly happy
awww.. sam so sorry he is getting treated like that by his family
honey i know exactly what you mean about the MIL i was treated like crap my whole marriage
and I was the only wife and the mother of her only grandchildren.
she never wanted my kids around either.
since my MIL was really ill and then John wanted a divorce, she's been so loving and worried
about me. at least in my case, she's met the other one and hates her even worse.
my boss was old school and always said a man is a man if he can keep his word. he was
an attorney and belived if you gave a man your word and handshake that was as good as
being written down on paper.. to bad that doesn't work for everyone.
i'm like you karma will come around it always does and when it does it comes back
in a big way.
just smile it makes people wonder what the hell you're up to ;-).
thanks for an invite to your private self.

love and hugs back atcha, chrissie