Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve pics

Kieffer and his friends 2 days before Christmas

Kieffer and Sarah his girlfriend

Collin helping Sam New Years Eve Day

Kameron giving Bolts a bath New Years Eve Day

Kameron and Sam being goofy

New Years Eve dinner Prime Rib and it was so yummy huh Gram Pam

Potatoes and rolls too

Hanging out by the camp fire on New Years Eve
Gram Pam's hubby Chuck left, Sam, Bethany Collin's g/f
Collin and then me

Me being silly

Sam and Collin goofing off New Years Eve


Julie said...

Yummy, dinner looks great. I see your snow is starting to decrease. Ours is also but more is predicted. Great photo's

Chrissie said...

Looks like a great time. Loved the pics.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

Jeanne said...

I MISS YOU so much and didn't get to see you while I was in AZ and now I am home and completely sick as a dog and we need to chat!!

As soon as I get my voice back and can stop coughing my damn brains out....I will be calling you woman!!

And I love your pictures...and hope you had a very merry christmas and a happy new year.


Shelly said...

Nice pics Kendra!!! Happy New Year!!

E-Lo said...

Happy New year my friend.
Looked like you have your hot weather back!
Much love and good health in 2009 !

lisa jo said...

great pics as always...looks like barrels of fun was had by all.

Pamela said...

Great pics! Dinner looks so yummy! I'm glad you guys had so much fun! I was asleep by midnight on NY Eve...such a partier here huh? LOL!
You look so pretty in that pic!
I MISS you girl!
Love ya!

E-High said...

Love ya bunches ... the prime rib looked awesome !!

Happy New Year ...


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful...the pictures of Sam are a hoot. He seem like a lot of fun; hot too!