Sunday, January 4, 2009

"My little piglet"

"I'm feeling kinda Sunday..." [Only football fans will get that]

Wow... was that a great game last night or what? GO CHARGERS!!!
Then we watched Supercross and Whoa that was just as crazy! I won't bore you with details as you won't have any idea what I am talking about LOL

I will say this... Seeing Stewart on a Yamaha is GREAT!!!! Seeing Reed on a Suzuki is weird... and that is all I have to say about that!

So on to other things...

It is a special day in our house... Bolts is 1 year old today!


Over the last year I have given her a bunch of nicknames...
Bolts cuz she's NUTS,
Betty Bolts,
Helga from the German woman's wrestling team,
and recently I call her my little Piglet.

When she gets really tired parts of her turn bright pink! Her nose, eyes, tummy, and inside her ears... and she has these little feet... and she makes little grunting noises, so she became 'my piglet' then one day Kameron said "Mom she isn't your piglet... she is your pig-pit"
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love with a pit bull... but my grand-dog-ter has stolen my heart and the hearts of my friends... Nurse Pam always asks if she can sleep with Bolts when she comes... she is such a cuddle bug... even Nurse Pam said "I never thought I'd see the day I would be asking to sleep with a pit bull!"
During the day she is not a cuddle bug she is an on the go puppy, chewing me out of house and home! As I type this she has found a white plastic hanger and is chewing it up! Earlier it was a leather work glove she found in the garage! She has a pile of chew toys in her corner but noooo she has to find other stuff to chew on... UGH... but I love that stupid dog anyway...
About 6pm, she gets tired and if she sees me sitting on the couch... she crawls up and snuggles up under my arm... like "I'm tired Grandma, hold me" she is the only dog I know who lets me hold her like a baby [tummy up] she gives me a couple of kisses, grunts like a piggy and falls fast asleep...

"She is my little Pig-Pit"

Happy 1 year Birthday Bolts... cuz she's Nuts!

Look at her little piglet feet

Sleeping with Kameron

Sleeping on the couch with Sam

With Rider and Gigi


Chrissie said...

Happy Birthday Bolts!!! I remember when you posted her baby pics when he first got her.
Yes, I know what you mean because Chino does the same thing when he's around NayNay he starts crying until I pick him up. Kaitlin said look even the dog is spoiled like Kyan, but pits must like me because Jay's young gf has Chief and he comes running to see him whenever she stops by and he's only been to my house like three times and he remembers NayNay right away.
People think they are the meanest animals around, but it's not them it's the cruel owners and how they were raised. Normally they are a loving dog.
All the ones we know are the biggest babies you ever seen. I told Chino when you're 80lbs NayNay won't be able to carry you. They forget how big they are and still want to sit in your lap. LOL.
Loved the pics.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

Missie said...

Happy Birthday to Bolts! He's a beautiful dog!

Pamela said...

My Boltsie is ONE?? She'll always be a puppy to me. I loved when she cuddled all night with me. That dog knows how to cuddle! She's gotta be RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! LOL! I'm coming next tell her to get ready. When I see the pink eyes we're going to bed!
Love ya, and Bolts, too!

Anonymous said...

Seems, hmmm, LIKE YOUR DOG :-)

lisa jo said...

there is nothing on earth like the love of a dog. Happy super belated bday to Bolts.