Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vegas story number 1

Above Lance and Kieffer at the Go Carting place

Kieffer and Kameron

The Go Carts

Kieffer after taking his helmet off

Time for practice at the World Mini Grand Prix Weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ya'all,
Back from racing in Las Vegas at the World Mini Grand Prix... We left last Saturday to put the truck and trailer in line [so we can get a good place inside the gate]
Usually there are 3,500 racers attending this race...
After dropping the truck and trailer off we went to Sam's Town and checked in...
Sam, Me, Kieffer, Kameron and Kieff's friend Lance... We had 2 days to play in Vegas before the racing started... We took the boys over to a cart racing place... They have these really fast go carts... Kameron and Kieffer had the top times of the week... LOL
Afterwards, we went to New York, New York and Kieffer and I rode the roller coaster... Kameron doesn't like roller coasters... WTH is up with that? This is a kid who flies through the air on a motorcycle, 5th gear tapped... but he won't ride a roller coaster? He says its because he is in control of it... Doesn't like it when he is not the one in control... I still think its weird...
Later we took the boys to the 'Body Exhibit' at the Luxor... They loved it... If it comes to your town go see it... Its real human bodies... An Anatomy Book come to life!

Monday - The gates opened and we were allowed in to set up camp at the races...
Tuesday - Practice started... Kieffer was complaining about his wrist all day... When Kieffer complains about pain, I take it seriously... He has a HIGH pain tolerance! So I took him over the mobile x-ray unit at the track... Its free, but they like donations... I have NO PROBLEM giving them a donation... WAY better than going to an orthopedic yanno!
So they xray Kieffer's wrist and say "Oh its your broken wrist from a couple of years ago acting up" Kieffer and I look at each other? We were thinking... Uhhhh What broken wrist? See what I mean... he has a very high pain tolerance! That kid is going to drive me to drink!!!

Stay tuned... LOL


LIZ said...

How does one have a broken wrist and not know it??? Wow!!!

Chrissie said...

How crazy is that? Glad you all found out now anyway. Sounds like you had a great time.
Take care, Chrissie

Pamela said...

When you told me about that wrist, I was flabbergasted! How could he NOT know?? LOL!
Uh...I think he already HAS driven you to drink! I hear Amaretto's and OJ calling our names...!!
Love ya!