Monday, October 13, 2008

What did I say? "Be good kids while I am gone" tsk tsk

OK what the Hell?  I tell you guys to be good while I am gone and I come home to a 30 day notice on my J-land door...  What the hell is going on around here?  Must have been one HELL of a party, for a 30 day notice! Someone needs to fess up before I open a can of 'whoop ass'... 
Now everyone is moving out of the J-land house in all different directions... I haven't had a chance to move my stuff yet because we have been chillin' at the hi d house... We are home for 2 days and then we are going back up there!
I am so grateful we didn't race in Sacramento last week... have you seen the fires in Los Angeles? Yikes... we drove right past there when we came home!
OMG... I forgot to tell you a story about when we were up there for the National!
First night we are there Jeff and Kieffer enter the Guitar Hero Contest and take 1st and 2nd place!!!  I knew they were good but I didnt think they were THAT good!
On Wednesday night was a Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament... All the Dad's were buzzing about it! It cost $40 to enter and only 50 could play...
So Jeff and Kieffer enter the tournament and I thought there was no way they would do well against all those Dad's...
About 2 hours later, the boys come back and Kieffer says "I made it to the main table!"
Long story short, Kieffer took a 3rd in the tournament and made $250... Shhhh, he was supposed to be 18 years old to play... Oh well... so I hear Jeff and Kieffer talking about it...
Jeff says "You were SO Lucky, I can't believe the cards you got!"
Kieffer says "What do you mean luck? That was pure poker skill!"
Jeff says laughing "Ya right, even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while!"
I cracked up... "Jeff, where did you get that saying?"
"My Grampa says that when we play poker with him and win!"

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